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ABC's of Second Grade

Attendance - Attend each day and arrive on time. School begins at 8:25 (if your child is late he/she will have to go to the office and get a late pass).
Absences - If your child is ill please call the front office at 203-3630 or send an email to inform us of your child's absence and reason for it. This is for your child's safety. If your child must leave early please send your child in with a note. You will also need to sign him/her out at the front office and the secretary will call him/her to the office. If your child is absent from school, state law requires a note stating the date and reason for the absence. Please send the note the day your child returns to school.
Book clubs - Book orders go home monthly. For the holiday season if wish for your books to be a "gift" send us in a note and we will make sure they come home in a plastic bag! Reading 15 minutes per night helps children become better readers.
Birthdays - We will be celebrating birthdays in the class with extra recess, directed drawing etc. There is no food from home, We have peanut/tree nut allergies! Please check all labels :-) We do ask that you please refrain from sending invitations for parties to school unless every child in the class is receiving an invitation.
Communication - Communication between Parent-Teacher is the key to a successful classroom. You can leave a message at the office, send in a note, or e-mail me. I will try to check my emails during the day or after school hours so do not hesitate to e-mail me at I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Conferences - Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year. If you need to meet with me at any other time during the year please feel free to contact me.
Dismissal - If your child's means of dismissal changes, a note or email from a parent/legal guardian is required.
E is for expectations and encouragement - I expect nothing less than your child to TRY his or her BEST. Encouragement on all parts is necessary in achieving these expectations.
Fun - Our class family loves to have fun. We will be learning and creating many wonderful things throughtout the school year!
Guided Reading - This year, you will see strong gains in your child's reading performance. Please read with your child daily for 15-20 minutes.
Homework - It is important for your child to complete all homework assignments on time as they reinforce previously learned skills from class and promote responsibility.
Important Papers - Important papers and notices will be sent home periodically. PLease check yor child's BLUE homework folder every night and empty out the papers.
Journal writing - Journal writing begins with drawing pictures. Children will use inventive spelling and form sentences to express their drawings. From the sentences children will write stories. You will be amazed at how much their writing improves over the year.
Kindness - My goal for our class is to create a community of learners where students show kindness and respect. I will work each day to keep our room a safe place where all students feel comfortable.
Lunch - Please label your child's lunch boxes and coats (they often get lost outside or mistaken).
Library - This year your child will be going to library once a week. Please make sure to send in your child's library book so that he/she may borrow another.
Money - Please send any money to school in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name, the amount, and the reason (i.e., lunch, book order, PTA,etc.). Please put the money in your child's Take Home folder so that I am sure to receive it.
Masks - All students will need to wear a mask in school. Please keep an extra mask in your child's school bag.
Notes - Notes from school will be placed in your child's take home folder... check it daily :) Also any notes to school please place in the homework folder as well.
Outdoor weather - As the weather gets colder please dress your child appropriately. I never know when we will be going outside. Please label all coats!
Organization - Good organizational habits begin to form in second grade. Help your child stay organized with his or her school work.
Parties - We will have class parties throughout the year arranged by our class room rep.
Quality - The precedence of quality of work needs to be set and implemented at a young age.
Respect - Respect is something that I take very seriously. Being disrespectful and making fun of others will not be tolerated. Throughout the year I will address this issue through stories and discussion.
Reading - We will be doing a lot of reading in 2nd grade. Please allow time for your child to read to you. Students are expected to read 15-20 minutes every night. Talk about the book with your child, Ask about the characters, the setting, the problem and how the story ended, Read books to your child that are more advanced than his or her's reading level. Share your love for reading!
Snack - Please send in a healthy snack for your child. Our classroom in a nut free/peanut free classroom. We ask that the children do not share snacks due to allergies.
Star of the Week- Your child will be designated a week to be the Star of the Week. This week is very special to them. I will be sending home a note 1 week prior to your child's date. They will be given a special poster to complete that they will share with the class.
Scholastic Book Orders - Scholastic book orders will be sent home on a regular basis. This is a great way to purchase books inexpensively. If you choose to purchase any books for your child, please make checks payable to Scholastic Books. No cash, please! Make sure to write your child'd name on the order form. You can also order online with our class code and pay by credit card.
Tardiness - Students will be considered tardy if they arrive in the classroom after 8:30; however morning work and routines will begin at 8:25am.
Transportation - If your child will use an alternate way of transportation a note will be required. Students will not be permitted to ride each others bus.
Twitter - Follow our class on Twitter @EllenZeises
Unique - Each child is different in their own way. I will be discussing differences and learning to appreciate everyone for who they are.
Volunteer - Get to know your school and other parents by volunteering for the Ratner-Seaman PTA.
Water Bottles - Water is important for making our brains work. Students may bring a water bottle to keep at their desk. Please send in the sport bottle tops not the screw off tops (this avoids spills) and clearly mark the bottles with your child’s name. Only water should be in the bottles. No sport drinks.
We - We are a team. Parents & teachers work together to help children in reaching their full potential.
Website - Visit our classroom website to see the happenings that are going on in room 7. 
X is for eXperiences - Hands on eXperiences are important for second grade learning. Children retain more information through DOING!!!!
Year - Let's have a great year!!!!
Z - z-z-z-z - Children need a good night's rest to be alert and ready to learn.