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We read Riddle-icious and then decided to write our own.

Enjoy solving them!

They always jump
And sometimes kick.
Their mommy’s baby’s name
Is not Nick.
Their habitat is
Always hot.
The baby’s pouch
Is like a pot.

Christopher and Adam

You use a mouse
It’s usually in your house.
It has many keys
And occasionally it will freeze.
It has a screen
It is a compound machine.

Ally & Deanna

People use me in winter and fall,
You may find me in a mall.
You may need me in a storm,
And hopefully you will be warm.
I have two Arms but I have no face,
If you want I’ll stay in place,
You can put me in a suitcase.

Sal, Habib, & Andrew

You can spend all you want but it has a limit,
You can go shopping and not be timid.
But later on you’ll have to pay,
For everything you have spent away.

Courtney and Brianna

I wrote about something black and white,
Which had two things who didn’t act quite right.
He went to a house while your mother was out,
But a fish yelled “Get Out!”
He likes to wear red and white,
But he doesn’t know two zax who had a big fight.
I often make funny words,
Which make my stories quite absurd?

Dana and Alexa

She does everything wrong and is so funny,
She has many jobs and is working for money.
She is sweet and funny but never gorey,
She is some times made for a bed time story.
She has many book that you can read,
They are all so good indeed.

Allie and Rachel

I have no money,
But I have a bill.
I go to the bottom of the lake,
To eat my fill.

Johnathan and Joshua

You look inside it,
To find what it’s about,
You can use it when you sit,
It might make you happy or pout,
They’re definitely in your school,
Or maybe at your house,
Don’t use it in a pool,
Or give it to a mouse,
So go and find on one,
You’ll know something new when you’re done.

Ignazio & Steven

They’re on your face,
They’re in every place.
You need them to read a book,
And use them everywhere you look.
They come in browns, greens, and blue,
And sometimes have designs around them too.

Giuliette and Janis

It’s yellow and red and orange too.
You use it to draw and you can use it more and more.
You use it for pictures and posters too.
My favorite color is midnight blue.

Gina and Helina